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KN1500 Loading for Stone Wastewater treatment.


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KN1500 Loading for Stone Wastewater treatment.

Doyen KN series type belt filter press is suitable for the sludge and slurry dewatering. We specialize in offering different types of belt press with the belt width of 1.5m, 2m, and 2.5m for different capacity.

Today, we load a KN1500 to a stone processing factory for the stone waste water treatment. 

High quality, high efficiency, low operation cost is the advantage of our machines. 


Type KN-1500
Belt width 1500 mm
Size 5600 X1900 X2300 mm
Output cake moisture content 28%-35%
Filter belt running speed 2-9/min
Filter belt tensioning and correcting air pressure 0.4-0.5MPa
Filter belt flushing water pressure water 0.4-0.6MPa
Motor of main machine 4KW
Concentrator power 1.1KW
Sludge treatment capacity 10-15 tons/h

Waste water treatmentWaste water treatment

 Waste water treatment Waste water treatment

 Waste water treatmentWaste water treatment

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