Belt Press for Potato Wet Pulp Dewatering


Our customer locates in Qiqihar China which is a big potato starch processing enterprise. It is also one of the first 151 key companies authorized by the National Eighth State Ministries for agricultural industrial production.

Potato wet residue dewatering is difficult. For all these years, many factories and R&D institutions keep trying to find out the best type of dewatering equipment which is convenient, economical and practical. With the using of air flow drying system, an innovated way for the synthetic development and utilization of potato residue is trying to figured out.

Doyen has succeeded to develop one type of dewatering equipment KY series of belt press which can be applied to the pulp and residue dewatering of potato, tofu, and other beans. With the using of our KY series Belt filter press, the potato reisude after dewatered can be directly delivered to the air flow drying system which can greatly improved the heat energy utilization and do not block the fan and tube. Our equipment has the features of easy for assembling, maintenance and operation. Low energy consumption and investment but with high effiency. ,