Stone and ceramic processing plants understand the need to recycle their wastewater. Not only does water recycling allow water reuse and significantly reduce water use and costs, but also collecting the slurry aids in meeting environmental laws, regulations and ordinances. Stone and ceramic industry water involves multiple challenges. DOYEN understands the challenges and offers industrial wastewater solutions such as vertical slurry pump, chemical doing machine, mud pump, filter press, and silo systems. Many of today’s consumers are searching for suppliers that utilize environmentally friendly business practices. Recycling water can be one of your most important marketing benefits. Sludge water produced from stone or ceramic fabrication presents unique challenges in sludge removal and in recycling of the water. The nature of the slurry varies by slurry type, by shop equipment mix and by specific operation of equipment. The largest issue is the removal of suspended solids (slurry) from the waste water. Offering multiple solutions to your challenging problems makes DOYEN unique. We generally offer following systems base on customers varies requirements: complete closed water recycling system, compact water recycling system and mud processing system.

Complete closed water recycling system

This system has a closed and continuous cycle and doesn't request any water supply except for a quantity of about 2-4% of the total treated water due to the scattering and evaporation of the same in the production process, so that can maximum minimize the need of water coming from waterworks and save huge water. This system shall be perfectly fit for those medium and big factories with a lot of water need in production line (capacity from 600 LPM to 8300 LPM available).
Water treatment plant

Compact water recycling system

This small compact system is specially designed for those small stone factories that would like a fully auto control system to handle their water treatment plant. This system includes everything in a compact package, such as slurry pump, dosing machine, silos, mud pump, mixing tank, filter press, control panel etc. So that it can save a lot of space and quite easy handling, as well as very environmental. It is available for those small factories with total water capacity smaller than 300 lpm.

Mud processing system

Mud processing system is designed for those stone factories that already have conventional pool sedimentation process system. These factories have the fact that they don't want to set up a new complete or compact water recycling system because of cost, but would like to improve the existing system with better quality water coming to sawing and polishing machines, and easy disposal of mud to meet environmental requirement of the government for pollution control. With our mud processing system, they can ideally reach their goal. This system commonly includes chemical dosing machine, mud mixing tank, mud pump, filter press and control panel. This system is allowed to operate daily 4 to 8 hours depending upon the quantity of stone powder collected in the sedimentation tanks.

More and more people have recognized that the value of the water would be same as oil in future. So, save water means save money.

With our water treatment plants, ceramic and stone processing owns can get following main benefits:

▲ No headache of slurry treatment
▲Receive high quality recycling water
▲Save a lot of water and save cost for maintenance and labor
▲Extending working life of abrasives and saws & blades
▲Perfect meet environmental regulations

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