10 years focus on the development and production of belt filter press and wastewater treatment

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Doyen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer which is professional in belt filter press production, designed wastewater treatment system of Chinese company, more than 10 years’ unremitting efforts, we win the customers’ high affirmation and trust. No matter in mainland China or overseas, Doyen always can provide customers with an economic solution based on experience and innovative engineering design.

Our factory is located in Nanzhuang, the ceramic production base of Foshan city.

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Main frame

4-5mm,10#-12# square tube,high inensity,sturdy and durable


4 layer of painting(undercoat、intermediate coat、finishing coat、varnish),acid and alkali resistant.


All pneumatic structure which is suitable for any working environment and prompt response and reliable guarantees the stable running of belts.

Tensioning system

Synchromesh gear rack structure ensure two cylinders has a synchronized move and belts won’t move in deviation.

Washing system

Stainless nozzles are evenly spaced along the stainless tube, with the advantages of easy replacing and angle adjustable.


Double lip frame oil seal, plus card spring, o-type sealing ring. Two cativies filled with oil.The waterproof and dustproof properties of the bearing are greatly improved, and it is stable and durable

Bearing block

All external bearing seat, bearing is divided into two parts connected by a bolt, very convenient disassembly and maintenance, save manpower and material resources. Two oil nipples in one bearing block, better protection of bearings and water and impurities isolated, so that the bearing and roller rotation smooth, longer life

Rubber encapsulation

The rubber encapsulation cover the shaft head, which greatly improves the anti-corrosion ability of the roller

Roller processing

All rollers are treated with heat treatment, no clearance, and annealing treatment, and the shaft's strength is greatly improved

Safety rope

Surround the whole machine once the emergency occurs the machine can be stopped immediately

IP rating

IP64 and above,better protection.

Water collecting tank

304SS,more durable and better looking

Electric control cabinet

Double waterproof, integrating failure display and control functions so would be more human-friendly and easy operation.

Limited switch

Air Tac brand,more sensitivity and durable.

Water deflector

There is a retaining ring and rubber shaft, which can effectively prevent the filter water from entering the bearing, better protect the bearing and reduce the maintenance cost

Oil filling pipe

To extend the refueling pipe, the operator will be able to refueling at the platform and save time and effort


can be easy removable. When changing, only need common hexagon tool, simple and easy operation, greatly increase efficiency

Gear cover

There are visual Windows.The gears can be seen through the window.If there is any situation, the maintenance can be stopped for the first time

Dewatering roller

the surface is 304SS. The A3 carbon steel side plates are all galvanized. Extended service life

Movable roller

There is a movable roll on the upper belt and the lower belt. The belt can be repaired load by a movable roll and then it can repeated 1-2 times

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