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Cause analysis of serious mud running out of belt filter press


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Cause analysis of serious mud running out of belt filter press

      Reason 1: it is usually caused by the structural problems of the filter press itself. 1. Add a baffle plate at the inlet to limit it, and leave 30 cm on each side. 2. Check whether there is a problem with the adjustment control device and the belt tension device. 3. Re test to see if the dosage is appropriate

     Reason 2: is the concentration too small? Increase the concentration and do a small test. Generally speaking, there are two kinds: 1. The water for flushing the filter belt is blocked or the water pressure is too low to cause mud running. 2. The amount of sludge and the dosage of chemicals are not adjusted properly

     Reason 3: is the sludge deteriorated or the sludge sedimentation time is too long, resulting in excessive sludge concentration? Try to keep the sludge concentration at about 97%. If it is too large, it is not easy to mix the agent and sludge completely. The causes of serious mud running in belt filter press are as follows:

  1. Uneven distribution of mud.
  2. Too much dosage causes the horn hole to be blocked.
  3. The pressure of flushing water is too low, which leads to poor permeability of filter cloth.
  4. Sludge storage time is too long.
  5. The dosage is too small and the sludge is not agglomerated.
  6. The correction system is not adjusted properly.


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