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Price of filter press and diaphragm filter press


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Price of filter press and diaphragm filter press

     1、 Product features: fast pressure filter with its low manufacturing cost, small size, simple structure, high production efficiency, stable and reliable operation, low maintenance cost and wide applicability It has a wide adjustable range in the number of feeding ports, discharge clearance, pulling force, pulling speed, etc., and can manufacture and transform the excellent quick filter press of any specification (box type or diaphragm) of more than 100-1000 m2, and the body shape and weight are almost the same as those of the ordinary automatic filter press with the same filtering area. The original equipment foundation construction of the reformed machine can be carried out in a short time To achieve the goal of excellent efficiency, greatly improve the economic benefits of users. After the transformation, the working cycle of the high efficiency quick filter press is more than 6 per hour, which increases the output of single machine by 1-1.5 times.

    The second section product raw material price trend investigation one, diaphragm pressure filter product raw material price survey over the years Popular product models, market positioning and market share products (2) Basic information survey (2. Price of filter press and diaphragm filter press,Its performance is much higher than that of ordinary filter press, three open quick open filter press, program-controlled filter press and automatic filter press)

      2、 Application scope: Zhuofeng fast filter press is mainly used in coal washing, coal mine tail water treatment, alcohol feed, nonferrous metal flotation, fine rice flour production, potato starch production, bio oil production, industrial sewage treatment and purification, volatile liquid filtration, fine chemical raw material filtration, etc!

     3、 Main technical performance:

  1. Unique principle: unique pulling plate technology of box filter press industry in the world;
  2. The economical quick opening filter press occupies a small area, which is less than 2 / 3 of the three time quick opening filter press; the cost is low; the production efficiency of the large area type is higher than that of the pressure filter; the maintenance is convenient; the mechanical automation simplifies the electrical and hydraulic systems ; low failure rate ——– simple mechanical structure greatly reduces the failure rate of equipment; wide range of parameter selection ——– opening speed, tension, number of feeding ports, discharge clearance can be adjusted; strong adaptability ——– can change the user’s existing model into a quick opening filter press; the promotion range is large ——– can be extended to the chemical industry to achieve The results show that the material can be discharged in groups and the labor intensity is reduced; the discharge speed is fast; the swing and push-pull function of the filter plate and the special filter cloth make the discharge easier; the moisture content of the filter cake is low ——– the moisture content of the mineral filter cake is about 18%;
  3. Advanced filter element ——– double layer combined filter cloth ——– it is more effective to filter and easier to remove cake; advanced molding process ——– is more than 0.8-1.6mpa higher than high-pressure press pressure; high life filter plate ——– normal service life can reach more than 50000 times;
  4. Reasonable and scientific structure, modern high configuration, scientific plug-in structure, compact machine design and modern electrical automation control system can greatly improve your efficiency, lower maintenance and reduce the workload of workers;
  5. Perfect service and good reputation will increase your production capacity by 1.0-1.5 times in a short time.


      Our belt filter press is specially designed for dewatering wet fiber material( such as brewery grains, distillery grains, spent grains, tapioca spent, tea spent, fruit juice, paper pulp, wood pulp, vegetable pulp, etc). After material dewatering, dry cake formed with less water content, so that increase material value, get more benefits for next process(for example save transportation cost, relax from weather condition, save space and time for sun light drying, get higher selling price for the material, etc). Anyone who is interested, please contact with us for details. (whatsapp &wechat: +86 18029279035).

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