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Mini pump selection guide: understanding and centrifugal pump


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Mini pump selection guide: understanding and centrifugal pump

1、 It is mainly used for water circulation, water sampling and lifting, with low noise, long service life and high self suction range. BSP and CSP series are available;

Two, the flow rate is not high (about 1~5 liters / minute), but the pressure is larger (about 2~11 kg), mainly for spray, pressurization, car wash, etc., without long time working under high pressure or heavy load, you can choose ASP, HSP and other series.

Three, for tea pumping, spray and so on, requiring volume as small as possible, small flow requirements, low noise (about 0.1 to 3 liters / minute), optional ASP series.

4、 High temperature working medium (0-100 ℃), need to pump water or gas (may be water and gas mixing or idling, dry running), pay attention to volume, noise, continuous use and other performance.

It mainly includes chemical fluid transportation conventional machinery: clear water centrifugal pump, screw pump, vortex pump, centrifugal blower, roots blower, reciprocating piston micro air compressor. It has the functions of display, disassembly and installation of chemical fluid transportation conventional machinery, required operation, selection guide of micro water pump: understanding and centrifugal pump.

Long time idling and dry running are required. WKA series has both water and gas pumps. The WKA series of miniature water pumps are especially suitable for occasions with water and gas. They pump water and pump air when meeting water. With the above application, you can choose WKA series.

5、 There is a large demand for the flow rate (more than 20 L / min), but the medium contains a small amount of oil, solid particles, residue, etc. Micro submersible pump QZ (medium flow 35-45 L / min), QD (large flow 85-95 L / min), QC (super flow 135-145 L / min) three series of micro submersible pump and DC submersible pump can be selected.

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