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Application of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment in various wastewater treatment processes


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Application of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment in various wastewater treatment processes

    The wastewater produced by paper-making enterprises has the characteristics of large amount of water and high content of organic pollutants, which is one of the industrial wastewater that is difficult to treat. The wastewater comes from various processes of pulping and papermaking, and its physical properties and concentration of organic pollutants are different. According to the characteristics of wastewater, effective treatment process is determined, which is currently used in wastewater treatment equipment of paper industry The main methods include precipitation, air flotation, adsorption, membrane separation, aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment methods, as well as a combination of several treatment methods. No matter what kind of method is used, wastewater needs to be pretreated. The main purpose of pretreatment is to improve the quality of wastewater, to meet the inflow requirements of each process, to improve the overall effect of wastewater treatment, and to ensure the stability of the whole treatment system. Therefore, pretreatment plays a very important role in the wastewater treatment of papermaking industry.

    Pretreatment in papermaking industry wastewater treatment can be divided into in-house pretreatment and off-site pretreatment. In plant pretreatment is mainly to recover pulp from white water. Filtration and air flotation are often used for recycling, which can avoid a large number of pulp entering the wastewater treatment system, which not only improves the pulp yield but also saves the cost of wastewater treatment;

    The main purpose of off-site pretreatment is to ensure that the wastewater entering the physicochemical and biochemical treatment systems can meet the process requirements to a large extent and make the system run stably. The pretreatment process mainly includes: grid, screen, fiber recovery system, regulating water and water quality, etc. According to different paper industry wastewater quality, different pretreatment methods can be adopted to remove some pollutants and improve the wastewater quality, so that the treatment effect of the whole wastewater treatment system is better.

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