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Relating to a belt filter press


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Relating to a belt filter press

      Relating to a belt filter press

1、Running speed of filter belt of belt filter press

Under the premise of ensuring the safe and smooth transition of sludge from the gravity and wedge dewatering zone to the pressing zone (more than 80% free water is fully removed), appropriately increasing the running speed of the filter belt can increase the sludge pump flow accordingly, that is, the processing capacity of the belt filter press can be improved.

Therefore, on the premise of satisfying other design indexes, the operating speed range of filter belt should be appropriately expanded.

2、Filter belt washing device of belt filter press

Sludge dewatering is discharged through the crevice woven by the filter belt. When the sludge is squeezed and dehydrated, if the residual sludge in the crevice of the filter belt is not treated in time, the filtrate of the next dehydration cycle can not be discharged through the filter belt.

This is bound to cause leakage from both sides of the filter belt.

At this point, the amount of processing goes down dramatically or even not at all.

Therefore, the design of high-performance flushing device is very important.

Long-term engineering practice proved that the nozzle exit flushing water flow rate at around 6 m/SEC, jet Angle is 85 °, the width of the flushed zone formed in the filter belt is located in the range of 80 ~ 90 mm, superposition of two nozzle injection water edge dislocation is 15 ~ 25 mm (figure 4), the washing effect, the indexes of water consumption, water pump motor power matching is relatively poor.

3、Selection of belt filter press

Whether the air permeability of filter belt is suitable or not plays an important role in the improvement of treatment capacity.

If the air permeability is too large, it is easy to cause turbidity of the filtrate in the pressing section and reduce the removal rate.

The air permeability is too small, the drainage efficiency in the gravity area is low, and the treatment ability is directly affected. When the flocculation effect drops slightly, there may be a phenomenon of extrusion “mud running” in the pressing section.

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