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Mesh repair of belt filter press (sewage treatment equipment)


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Mesh repair of belt filter press (sewage treatment equipment)

      Due to various reasons, the filter cloth of the belt filter press needs to be repaired, and the replacement is time-consuming.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn about the relevant belt filter press filter repair knowledge and skills: in order to prepare from time to time with the dehydrator filter repair operating procedures.

Repair tools: steel wire mesh wire mesh glue scissors pliers paper knife old mesh.


  1. Generally, the online repair is carried out on the online deviation adjusting roller, and the lower network is carried out on the lower network tensioning roller.

You can start the dehydrator and run it to the damaged area.

  1. According to the degree of damage to the filter to determine the size of the repair, and then cut the damage with a paper knife, rough edge with scissors repair.

Take an old filter that is the same length as the area to be repaired and slightly wider than it.

  1. The mesh in the mesh interface to be splicing is cut off with a paper knife, and then the mesh is extracted with a vise.

The lower end of the old filter screen used for repair can not be spun at first.

  1. The top two mesh mesh teeth are arranged neatly, and then the wire is worn through the hole in the middle of the mesh teeth (can be worn), and then the wire is followed by the wire through the mesh teeth, the two ends of the mesh wire are played, and the long part can be plugged in the other mesh.

The lower end of the old filter screen for repair should be corresponding to the lower mesh teeth, not more or less than one line, so as not to affect the repair effect.

  1. Apply the filter glue after repair, and it can be used 2 hours later.

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