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Safety procedures for belt filter press operators to read


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Safety procedures for belt filter press operators to read

     The following operating rules of belt filter press are some common sense of operation summarized by our company’s after-sales debugging personnel after many years of visits.

1.the staff must be familiar with the working principle and technical characteristics of the belt filter press, understand the basic working principle of the belt filter press process system and the related electrical equipment.

2. the belt type filter press operator must be trained, understand the belt type filter press “instruction” and “operation instructions”, pass the examination, obtain the operation certificate can hold a post.

3. the drinker, mental state is not good and the mood is very bad can not arrange the post, the class is forbidden to drink, sleep and off the post.

4.Wear labor protection articles before going to work, and do not wear slippers and high-heeled shoes to work. Female workers must coil their long hair into the cap.

5.Before starting the machine, the governor switch of the main motor must be reset to zero. It is strictly prohibited to start the main motor without the governor switch being reset to zero. The filter belt with pressure filter must run in the specified direction.

6.The equipment should be started without load, and overload operation is strictly prohibited. The handling capacity (feed amount), filter cake thickness, filter belt tightness and speed shall not exceed the specified value.

7.The feeding and cloth of the belt filter press should be uniform and stable. Effective measures must be taken to remove impurity in the feeding.

8.The instruments and meters on each system of the equipment must be sensitive and reliable with normal indication. All kinds of indication parameters (such as wind pressure, water pressure, band voltage, voltage, current, etc.) during the operation of the equipment shall not exceed the specified value.

9.In case of serious deviation of the filter belt, tearing of the filter belt, non-rotation of the filter belt and failure of other auxiliary equipment in operation, emergency stop shall be required.

The post is equipped with necessary fire-fighting facilities, and all fire-fighting facilities should be complete and reliable at any time.

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