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Belt type filter press out of the mud cake thin, high moisture content how to solve


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Belt type filter press out of the mud cake thin, high moisture content how to solve

      The thin mud cake and high moisture content can be attributed to the fact that the belt filter press cannot press the mud, which can be described as the following:

When the belt filter press works, it runs mud and leaks mud.

The sludge efficiency is low, the sludge cake is thin, and the processing capacity is small.

The moisture content of mud cake is higher, more than 80%

  1. Low sludge concentration is the main reason

Sludge concentration, often called sludge solids content, sludge solids content is less than 1%, direct mechanical sludge dewatering effect is not ideal, and the need for flocculant increased.

If the concentration of domestic sludge or sticky industrial sludge is less than 1% into the belt filter press, it will lead to mud leakage, not mud pressure, and low treatment efficiency.

The traditional method is to increase the sludge thickening tank.

Centrifuged sludge thickener has a good solution to this problem. After the sludge thickener concentrates, the sludge concentration can be increased to about 3.5-11%. It is very suitable to enter the belt filter press for filtration and dehydration process, so as to avoid the situation of mud leakage caused by the low sludge concentration.

In some large sewage, sludge solid content is low, such as domestic sewage has been widely used.

  1. The flocculation effect of sludge is not ideal

The belt type pressure filter dehydrator is more dependent on the quality control.

If the dosage is insufficient and the conditioning and conditioning effect is poor, the capillary water in the sludge cannot be converted into free water and removed in the gravity zone, so the sludge from the mold zone into the low-pressure zone is still fluid and cannot be extrudated.

On the contrary, if the dosage is too large, the first is to increase the treatment cost, and more importantly, due to the increase of sludge viscosity, it is easy to cause the filter belt to be blocked.

For municipal sewage mixed sludge, when cationic PAM is used, the dosage of dry sludge is generally 1 ~ 1Okg/t, which can be determined by the test or adjusted repeatedly in operation.

  1. Aging or improper selection of press cloth

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