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Chemical treatment of wastewater


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Chemical treatment of wastewater

    Our company (Doyen) is a professional manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment, with advanced technology and excellent service to win the trust of customers.

   It is a wastewater treatment method that can separate and remove the dissolved and colloidal pollutants or convert them into harmless substances by chemical reaction and mass transfer. In the chemical treatment method, the treatment units based on the chemical reaction produced by adding chemicals are coagulation, neutralization, redox, etc.; while the treatment units based on mass transfer include extraction, stripping, stripping, adsorption, ion exchange, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis. The latter two treatment units are also called membrane separation technology. Among them, the treatment unit with mass transfer has both chemical and physical functions, so it can be separated from chemical treatment and become another kind of treatment method, called physicochemical method.

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