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Dewatering of ceramic sludge


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Dewatering of ceramic sludge

     Doyen belt filter press is more and more accepted by more and more ceramic enterprises because of its advantages of large capacity, continuous operation, low operation cost, low moisture content in filter cake and convenient operation and maintenance. Many manufacturers have purchased our products after inspecting the operation site of our filter press. The working conditions of belt filter press in sludge dewatering of ceramic wastewater treatment, such as the moisture content of filter cake, treatment capacity per hour, trouble free working time, etc., are closely related to the technology, material and flocculant selection of the belt filter press. Our factory has cooperation experience with several large ceramic enterprises. We are willing to work with you to work out a more scientific ceramic sludge dewatering treatment scheme according to the actual situation of sewage treatment in your unit. Welcome to visit our company’s manufacturing workshop and inspect the sludge dewatering project site of our existing ceramic industry customers.

      The production wastewater of ceramic enterprises is directly discharged into rivers, which will cause serious congestion. In order to control pollution, the ceramic industry now implements the recycling of wastewater to reduce the discharge of wastewater. The ceramic wastewater is introduced into the sewage treatment facilities, and the fine particles in the water are enlarged to facilitate sedimentation by adding appropriate amount of chemical components. After the separation of turbidity and turbidity, the clear water with sediment removed can be reused for ceramic production. The waste water, mud and smashed waste ceramic pieces produced in ceramic production are dried by Lvfeng filter press. The mud cake can be transported out and reused as raw material of ceramic mud.

      Doyen specializes in providing belt press equipment for the Southeast Asian market. Welcome to visit our workshop, according to the actual situation of your company, develop a more scientific dehydration program.Welcome to joyce@doyenchina.com or visit https://www.doyenchina.com.