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Pesticide wastewater and its treatment


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Pesticide wastewater and its treatment

      The main characteristics of pesticide wastewater are:

      1. the concentration of pollutants is high, and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) can reach tens of thousands of mg / L;

      2. In addition to pesticides and intermediates, the wastewater also contains toxic substances such as phenol, arsenic, mercury and many other substances that are difficult to degrade;

      3. it has malodorous odor and irritates human respiratory tract and mucous membrane;

      4. the water quality and quantity are unstable. Therefore, the pollution of pesticide wastewater to the environment is very serious. The purpose of pesticide wastewater treatment is to reduce the concentration of pollutants in pesticide production wastewater, improve the recovery and utilization rate, and strive to achieve harmless.

      The treatment methods of pesticide wastewater include activated carbon adsorption, wet air oxidation, solvent extraction, distillation and activated sludge. However, the development direction of pesticides is to develop new pesticides with high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue.

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