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Solve the problem of mud dehydration


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Solve the problem of mud dehydration

          Today let’s talk about how to dehydrate mud.With the continuous development of the society, more and more construction is inseparable from sand and stone, which produces a lot of mud. How to deal with this mud?A lot of sand field friends may say, this mud is not simple to deal with, now the industry mud dehydration use more of a method is to let the mud in the sedimentation tank natural precipitation, the upper layer of clean water discharged for reuse, after the bottom layer of mud precipitation is completed with the dredge dug out air drying.However, this method has many problems, such as: mud precipitation is slow, mud and water can not be processed quickly, it takes a long time, at the same time, there will only be more mud, mud pool full will cause a lot of hidden trouble.And environmental protection is gradually strict today this kind of square is put difficult to achieve environmental protection requirement.

          Guangdong doyen environmental protection equipment co., LTD is a long-term professional environmental protection dehydration treatment equipment in the field of environmental protection.The company has more than 10 years of experience, focusing on dewatering materials and environmental protection equipment and solutions for various industries.The engineer team has more than 15 years of experience and has its own patented equipment.Aiming at the problem of mud dewatering, our company has developed an environmentally friendly belt filter press after several years of careful research and development.

          Doyen environmental friendly belt filter press equipment is widely used in: ceramics, metallurgy and mining, coal washing, textile printing and dyeing, urban sewage, papermaking, petrochemical, leather, brewing, food processing, chemistry, pharmaceutical, electroplating and other industries.

          Doyen environmental protection belt type filter press dewatering process: after enrichment of mud with a certain concentration of coagulation agent after full mixed in the static, dynamic mixer, tiny solid particles in the sludge polymer condensed bulky shape briquette, and separate the free water, mud after flocculation was to concentrate the filter with the gravity dehydration, under the action of gravity, free water is separated, form the flow state of mud, and holding between the upper and lower two mesh belt, after preloading area, high and low pressure area, from small to large in the extrusion pressure under the action of shear force, gradually squeezed out.After such treatment of mud, not only mud into water + mud cake, and water can be used for recycling sand washing, mud cake pressed out of the hand can not grasp water, can be directly loaded into the truck away not drop, to meet the environmental protection requirements.The time of mud treatment is greatly shortened and the cost of mud treatment is saved.

          Doyen has many years of experience in the technology and practice of sand washing mud treatment, with clients all over the world, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Vietnam, Laos, Russia, etc.Doyen (China) machinery co., LTD launched a variety of specifications of belt type filter press equipment,Welcome to joyce@doyenchina.com or visit https://www.doyenchina.com.