10 years focus on the development and production of belt filter press and wastewater treatment


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1、The selection method of belt press?

Doyen has been focusing on the sludge and residue dewatering for 10 years, and can develop environmental protection equipments and solutions for various customers.


2、What services can be offered?

(1) Sample testing: for different types of sludge and residue sent from the customer, base on the characteristic, Doyen would use different number of extrusion rollers, different extrusion methods and different structure, speed and tension of the filter belt for the effect testing;
(2) Process design: design different pressure filtration process with different equipments and technical improvement according to customer requirements;
(3) Maintenance: after-sales maintenance for Doyen brand series belt press, and related equipments can be supported as well.


3、What is the dewatering effect of Doyen belt press?

Stable cake moisture content, such as cassava residue, we can ensure a stable moisture content of 70%; For brewery dregs can reach 58%.


4、How to install the belt press for dewatering?

The engineer will arrive to the site of customer within 3 days to provide technical guidance for machine installation and commissioning.


5、What is the technical strengths of your company?

Our company is a high-tech enterprise. We have our own patents, and our engineer team have experience for more than 15 years.


6、What is the scope of after-sales service for available?

(1) After sales, Doyen company provides on-site guidance and free training, provides consulting services on the use and maintenance of machines for customers, and makes regular visits by phones or by email;
(2) Can be communicated with each other. In the process of use, if final customer has service requests, Doyen will send technicians to the site to provide technical services.


7、How is the machine running stability? How long is the using life of wearing parts?

Unique design and high quality parts ensure a stable running and low maintenance cost (Belt lifetime can as long as 6-9 months).


8、Is it efficient and does the machine consumes less water and electricity?

The processing capacity of the machine is large,humanized operation (with PLC control), Low labor cost.,unique design can save water consumption and electricity cost.