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Vietnam Ceramics Factory


Customer:   Vietnam Ceramics Factory


Input moisture content: 70%-75%


Output cake moisture content: 30%-40%


Capacity: 8-12tons/hour with Model KN1000 (Belt width 1000mm)



belt press KN1000



Plant situation before using belt press:


Slurry from the production line with high moisture content will be by natural sedimentation as time goes by and then be excavated by excavator. It needs quite long time for the natural sedimentation within the pool, and the sedimentation speed is much slower than the caused speed of sludge. It becomes a headache to the owner of ceramics factory.



belt press


Dewatering effect after using belt press:


The using of movable portal frame speeds up the sludge excavation. The using of belt filter press along with the related pumps greatly improved the dewatering speed of slurry. And the free water can be recycled to the production line. All the sludge treatment system is environmental, economical, convenient and efficient.