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Analysis on related contents of advanced treatment of wastewater by filter


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Analysis on related contents of advanced treatment of wastewater by filter

      According to relevant data, most of the sewage is discharged into sewers or rivers after one-time treatment, and the water used for drinking water, landscape water and green space irrigation should be further treated. The micro filter cloth filter is mainly used for further purification of surface water, advanced treatment of wastewater and reuse of reclaimed water. The advanced treatment and reclaimed water reuse of microfiltration cloth filter is set after the conventional secondary sewage treatment system, which is especially suitable for the upgrading and reconstruction of existing sewage treatment plants. Combined with chemical addition, it can remove phosphorus and heavy metals. Microfiltration cloth filter is not the innovation of filtration mechanism, but the innovation of design idea. Because the diameter of the filter cloth is small to micron, it can intercept the micro particles with the particle size of several microns, so the effluent quality and effluent stability are better than that of the granular filter. In addition, the equipment has the characteristics of low operating cost, low installed power and small floor area.


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