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Solid liquid waste treatment


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Solid liquid waste treatment

        With the development of modern livestock and poultry breeding industry, the rise of factory intensive breeding, and people’s awareness of environmental protection constantly improve.It is convenient to collect, recycle and dispose livestock manure, but simple static treatment cannot achieve the best effect.At this time, liquid solid separation machine is needed to separate the waste water into liquid manure and solid manure.Liquid organic fertilizers can be used for crop utilization and absorption. Solid organic fertilizers can be transported to areas lacking in fertilizer for use. They can also play a role in improving soil structure.

       Doyen press type belt filter press is specially used for solid liquid treatment. The raw slag liquid is lifted to the solid liquid separator through the qieshaped zone. The slag liquid to be treated is evenly distributed to the inclined stainless steel screen through overflow.Solid substances are trapped, filtered liquid from the cracks in the screen plate, from the drainage pipe;So as to achieve the effect of solid – liquid separation.

Doyen press type belt filter press main features:

1.With a large processing capacity, the moisture content of filter cake is stable. For example, cassava dregs, we can guarantee 70% of the stable moisture content.Beer dregs guarantee 60%.

2.The machine adopts 304 stainless steel, with high strength, no deformation and long life.

3. Main USES of press type belt filter: this series of press type belt filter can be widely used as the best equipment for filtering animal manure, wine residue, medicine residue, slaughtering sewage and biogas residue in pig, cattle and all kinds of large and medium-sized livestock farms.

        At present, doyenchina has launched a variety of specifications of filter press equipment. You are welcome to contact “Joyce @ doyenchina. Com” via email or visit the official website for “https://www.doyenchina.com”.